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Healing Gardens Cooperative is here to nourish and inspire you in a number of ways.  You may be viewing this from anywhere on the planet,  being far away and yet everything that any of us does, influences the environment of another. We offer you the possibility of being involved in a number of ways according to your physical proximity, your personal circumstances and level of skill.

Level One – Become an Active Member of the Gardens.  Membership is open to those that live close by and are are able to be involved in the work of the gardens, either skilled garden work, or hands on gardening, supporting the skilled gardeners.  You can also be involved with the administration of the Cooperative or be involved on the Marketing and Selling Team. The fee for this is £30 per year and you will receive fresh organic produce each time you are able to contribute 2 hours of work to the cooperative. You will also have the wonderful social benefits of being part of our happy community, including regular gatherings and shared meals.  To join please contact us on [email protected] telling us about your skills.

Level Two – Be a Non Active Member.  Membership is open to those living anywhere in the world that want to support the work of the gardens but are not able to contribute to the ongoing production and creation of the Gardens and Cooperative.  The fee for joining is £30 per year and for this you will receive a regular newsletter and discounts on workshops and online training products.

Level Three – Support us with a donation of your choice. Even a small donation will help us to expand our reach to everyone around the world plus make it more possible to supply the local community with fresh organic produce and time out to relax in the beautiful gardens. If you would like to donate, please email us on [email protected]

Level Four – Support us with Fundraising for us.  If you have experience with raising money through funding organizations, or with crowd funding platforms and would like to further the outreach of the Healing Gardens, please email us with ‘funding help’ in the subject line, to [email protected]

Level Five – Support us with gifts of materials, seeds, plants, garden equipment or volunteer some free time to give us a hand.  If you would like to help in this practical way, please email with ‘help offered’ in the subject line to [email protected]