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Healing Gardens Cooperative started in the summer of 2007 with the aim of turning an unused field adjacent to Healing Waters Sanctuary, into a tranquil community garden space. The vision was for local residents to have access to land so that they could nourish themselves with home grown organic produce and educate themselves into it’s production.  

Glastonbury healing gardens social prescribing holistic lifestyle medicine facility first beds 2008

Glastonbury Healing Gardens Very First Planting Bed Under Construction in May 2008


Our Theme – Growing in Love:

Healing Gardens is about more than gardening.  It is about healing and building community.  We are a group of people that have grown to love what we do in the gardens and how we interact as a community, supporting and inspiring each other. The expression that the ‘sum is greater than the parts’ is especially true of the gardens.  By working together our small contribution makes something so much greater and so many more people benefit.  Growing in Love is also about being conscious of the whole planet and our need to love and to protect it. Right from the point of the earth where we sow our seeds, to the wider planet that gets influenced and inspired by our ideas so that together we can build a better, more environmentally sound future for many generations to come.

The Growing Areas:

After 5 years, 3 large circular beds which interlock into the ‘mandala of healing’ is the central point of the gardens.  In these, there are grown a diversity of vegetables and flowers, many planted bio-dynamically and utilising companion planting principles.

3 huge interlocking circular beds are our main growing area

3 huge interlocking circular beds are our main growing area

The Orchards:  There is an orchard of fruit trees which is currently being transformed into a forest garden on the principles of Robert Hart.

Soft Fruit Areas:

A concentrated area of soft fruits with a variety of different berries providing maximum nutrition.


We have an area of chickens, much loved and cherished.  The original ones were rescued from a ‘free range’ barn.  More recently we have hatched our own from eggs donated from a local farm.

Healing Garden Hens, mostly 094-2


The addition of bees to the gardens means that we have maximum pollination of our crops and indeed they adore the borage which grows in abundance.

Bees a the entrance to the hive

Bees a the entrance to the hive

The Family Area:

We have an area dedicated to the members children and also other children that visit the Gardens from time to time.  It is a place for families to be together and to share gardening with their children. This gives the children the possibility to hone their skills at gardening, and also to have the opportunity of other creative pursuits such as scarecrow making and tending the wild life area around the pond.

Children can learn to grow and make scarecrows

Children can learn to grow and make scarecrows

The Pond and Spring:

In the centre of the Gardens in a natural spring which is one of the nine ancient springs of Avalon.  It is surrounded by roses and indigienous hedgerow.

There is another small spring which feeds into a pond, allowing wild life to flourish and to provide water for the gardens. For those adept at ‘other vision’ it has been witnessed to be a home for fairies.

spring dug with tor and sun

The Michael Line:

For those times when by some wondrous means we grow giant vegetables, we can only assume it is a result of being grown on an organic site which is supplied by spring water and is on a south facing slope of a sacred hillside situated on the Michael Ley Line.


Sustainability: Michael Arblaster shares his model for the Healing Gardens

Organic Food is Best for Good Health

Glastonbury Healing Gardens: A Fun Glimpse!

Mark Scammel visits the Garden and finds out more about why it is important


Social Prescribing and Holistic Lifestyle Medicine Facility:

What is social prescribing?

Social prescribing also known as community referral, is when GPs, nurses and other primary care professionals refer patients to a specific range of local, non-clinical services.

Because we now recognising that people’s health is determined primarily by a range of social, economic and environmental factors, social prescribing is a method of addressing people’s needs in a much more holistic way. It can also support individuals to take greater control of their own health.

As a voluntary and community cooperative, Glastonbury Healing Gardens is a perfect fit for Social Prescribing and as a Holistic Lifestyle Medicine facility as it is designed to support people with a wide range of social, emotional or practical needs, and we are focussed on improving all aspects of health including trauma informed mental, social and physical well-being.

Person Centred Healing ApproachThe relationship between people,
person-centred approaches,
Community and social based support of Healing Gardens
trauma informed holistic approach of Healing Waters
and the traditional health care model